Something I have really come to appreciate since I’ve started blogging is connecting with other bloggers from all over the world!  Sharing in their adventures, hearing about their daily lives and connecting with their experiences.  Human experience is not that unique…we all more in common with each other than we do differences.

Recently one of the bloggers that I follow is grieving over the loss of a long time companion…Lacey the cat.  I instantly empathized with his loss and I remembered the grief I experienced with the loss of my own beloved pet.  As I read the many comments of condolences from other bloggers it made my heart warm; through this shared experience we can reach out to give support, friendship and love to another.  We need so much more of this in our world.

There is no such thing as an insignificant life!  God the Father has created it all and He takes notice; from President’s & Kings to the sparrow that falls from the tree and everything in between…all life is significant!

On this day I share with you a memorial video I made after the passing of my beloved Boston…I still miss him loads but the memories now bring me joy instead of tears.

Be kind to everyone you encounter today, extend to them mercy and grace…for they are significant in God’s eyes.

“The LORD is good to everyone and has compassion on all He has made. All your creation LORD will praise You and all Your people will give You thanks.  –Psalm 145:9-1

Blessings friends!

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