There is something about flowers that just make me smile.  Plants are truly one of God’s amazing creations; their diversity, their beauty, their simple complexity, their ability to adapt and grow even in adverse conditions…we could learn a lot from plants!

This past summer, as I was browsing through the “Reader” function on WordPress, I came across a wonderful blog, acostalplot, by Sam who talks about her life & gardening in a sea-side village in England.  She takes part in something called, “In a vase on Monday” where every Monday she takes flowers growing in her garden, puts them in a vase and posts photographs of them on her blog.  She includes the common & scientific names of the flowers along with any thoughts they inspire.  If you enjoy gardening and flowers you should check out her blog.

This blog really caught my fancy and I thought how nice it must be to have fresh flowers in vases in your house, especially if they’re grown from your own garden!  She has inspired me to do something similar with a small group of family & friends.  I had a hard time remembering the acronym for “In a vase on Monday: IAVOM”  so my hubby suggested F.O.A.M. for Flowers On A Monday.  It has been great fun!  I do not have the huge garden that Sam has but I enjoy flowers all the same, whether they are ones grown myself or that I pick up in the flower shop.

Here’s this week’s F.O.A.M.  (I know today is Tuesday, but better late than never!) Nothing is blooming yet in my garden, so these are courtesy of my grocer’s flower shop.





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