A Step Back In Time…

Overcast skies and crisp 50 degree weather could not keep people away from “Members Day” at Greenfield Village today and the start of the 2018 season.

This is a real gem right in my own back yard! Henry Ford wanted to establish a place that captured the history and evolution of industry from the start of the 20th century to the present and how it changed the daily lives of people.

This unique attraction, located in Dearborn Michigan, had 2 distinct museums. The Henry Ford is an indoor museum that has a vast collection of artifacts and rotating special exhibits that focus on a specific topic, historical event or genre.

Greenfield Village is a 90 acre outdoor interactive museum where visitors learn what American life was like at the turn of the 20th Century. Visitors can enter historic homes and buildings and talk to docents, most who are dressed in historic apparel, to learn and ask questions about that specific building.

Throughout the summer I will hilight specific parts of the village in more detail…until then enjoy this snap shot of Members Day.

Waiting in line to ride the Model T.

The Wright Brothers Cycle Shop
The Penny Farthing as it is called in Europe, in the States it is known as the Ordinary.
This is a look under the seat. The seat is called a hammock seat because it is suspended between two fasteners for a super comfortable ride.
Apparently it’s never too cold for ice cream.
I’d rather warm up inside the Bennett Watch & Jewelry store.

Ran out of Hobo Bread so opted for a chocolate chip cappachino muffin while watching a horse drawn omnibus pass by.

One of my favorite gardens in the village, still quite barren.

My favorite building in the whole village, Cotswold Cottage! They have beautiful gardens & have a tea service in the courtyard.

Waiting for the 1924 bus to the front gate.

The last train ride of the day, a prefect way to end the day.

2 thoughts on “A Step Back In Time…

  1. What a beautiful cottage, exactly like the Cotswolds! I love hands-on museums like this where you can get an immersive experience of the life – and food – of the time.

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