Weedy Beauty…

I may have mentioned this before, but one of the things I’ve enjoyed about blogging is following other people’s blogs.  There are so many interesting blogs out there on a wide variety of topics; some are just fun while others really make you think about things from a different perspective and still others open you up to something you’ve never seen before.  One of the first blogs I began to follow was about gardening in the UK; this woman would pick flowers from her garden put them in a vase and photograph them for her blog; it was titles “Flowers in a vase on a Monday”.  I quickly became enchanted with it, so much so that I began to do something similar which I call “Flowers on a Monday” or F.O.A.M. for short, but I put them on Facebook each Monday.  Today I thought I would share them here on this blog.

We were at Secord this weekend and typically when we first arrive the grass was in great need to be cut, besides it being long there were various wild weeds growing here and there.  My father-in-law began to pull some of them up by the roots and that made me think I should put them in a vase before they all get mowed over.  The thing about flowering weeds is that alone they can look straggly but placed together unkept wild look becomes quite pretty.  It reminds me that there is beauty in all of God’s creation, if we just choose to see it.  The following flowers are Queen Anne’s Lace, Flowering Clover and I’m not sure what the daisy looking flowers are but they look like Chamomile to me.  The vase I used is very special, it was made by a family member and engraved with our names for our 25th wedding anniversary; all the more special!

august wild flowers 1august wild flowers 2august wild flowers 3

4 thoughts on “Weedy Beauty…

  1. Trish…I really enjoyed this! I look at the beauty of weeds many times, especially Queen Ann’s Lace. My mom thought it was such a beautiful flower,with it’s intricate lacey detail, that she bought a plant for her garden. Whenever, I see QAL I think of her and smile. There’s very few people who see the beauty in weeds, but I’m one of them! Kinda like Dr. Zchivago, who saw beauty in a tiny flower blooming beneath Siberian snow. Or, he would see the beautiful detail of ice crystals that formed on glass. Beauty is all around us, special for us we can look pass the obvious. Thanks for your thoughts, it brought back a wonderful memory of my mother. My Best …


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