Packing it full & hitching a ride…

Well, I put the main pack to the test this and used my day pack in an unconventional way.

I went on a weekend retreat with the women of my church.  I only needed a few changes of clothes, toiletries, some notebooks & a bible and bedding.  I had originally planned to just dump my clothes & bedding into a laundry basket for transport when it occurred to me I should use my new backpack and see how things fit.

I decided to roll up my clothes rather than fold them in the traditional manner; I read that this decreases the amount of wrinkles in the clothing and it increases the amount of space you in your suitcase or in this instance my backpack.  At the foot of the pack I put an extra pair of shoes & some slippers.  Next I rolled a pair of jeans, two long-sleeved shirts, pajama’s, a hoodie and a rain jacket. I tucked in the sides some socks & underwear.  I still had 1/2 the pack to utilize so next I added a twin size fitted & flat sheets. Loaded PackOn top of the sheets I placed my toiletries and makeup kit, hair brushes and hair dryer.  I had an extra-large fleece blanket that I rolled up and secured to the outside bottom of the pack.  The daypack was removed from the main pack and I placed a pillow and a faux fur throw on the front of the pack.  I was pretty impressed with how out it all came together! It was so nice to have all my stuff secured in one bag!

As I have mentioned in another post I’ve been trying to walk and increase my mileage in preparation for the trip.  On one occasion I headed out for a leisurely trek with my dogs, Jet my 3-year-old Border Terrier & Griz (short for Clark W. Griswold, lol) my 6 yearish old Chihuahua/Terrier mix.  Typically they both can walk 2-3 miles with no problem, however on this occasion Griz decided he had had enough.  He started to lag behind as we were on the last mile toward home and then began to limp a little; not wanting to exacerbate any potential injuries I decided to carry him—-thankfully he only weighs 8 pounds!  I was earing my Osprey day pack that day in which I carried my DSLR camera, Griz hitching a ridea zoom lens and a journal.  I took off my hoodie and placed it on top of my camera making a sort of bed.  I turned the pack around and wore it so that it was on my chest; I had seen this done on a demonstration video for this pack.  Once in place I put Griz inside the pack and zipped it up to his shoulders….it worked like a charm!  He loved it and settled in quickly…..I swear, at times, he was smiling at the world!  I love this pack!


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