A walk back thru time…

My oh my where has the time slipped away to?  Things have quickly become so busy that I haven’t had chance to slow down enough to blog.  That’s the funny thing about time, it either crawls dreadfully slow or it zooms by faster than a bullet.

Spring has finally arrived here in southeast Michigan.  Again, one moment it seems like the trees are barely showing a bud and early flowers are struggling to emerge from their earthly winter cocoon and in a blink of an eye everything is in bloom, getting green and the all the migratory birds are back singing their chorus in the early morning. When did all that happen?

So what have I been doing in preparation for the big trip???  For one I settled on a backpack…..I went with the Osprey Farpoint 500 in what they call red but I think it looks more like a burnt orange.  I went to REI and was able to try out a couple of packs and see how big they were in person….which was so helpful!  The salesman was very knowledgeable and was able to fit the pack to my body frame so I could see how comfortable it was.  The way to go when investing in a backpack.

I’ve worn the smaller day pack on a trip to Greenfield Village.  I carried a small picnic lunch around while we walked about 3 miles.  Farpoint 500 daypackIt is a wonderful place to walk around in, even if we don’t stop to check out all the buildings and activities.  We are members so we can go as often as we like and it makes logging in the miles much easier and more interesting.

That is the 2nd thing I’ve been working on in preparation for the trip in August; logging in some miles to get in walking shape!  I downloaded a new app called “Map my Hike” and it has been a great tool to motivate and keep track of my walking.  I set an initial goal of 5 miles per week; which was pretty easy to do.  This last week my goal was for 7 miles/week which I totally crushed….I did 19.5 miles!  Now I wonder if I should make that my new weekly goal….so far I’ve only walked 1 mile this week; not a good start but we’ll see!

All of the photos on this post are from my favorite building within the Greenfield Village Grounds, Cotswold Cottage & Garden.  I especially love the stone wall that surrounds it!

You can learn more about Greenfield Village at this link….https://www.thehenryford.org/visit/greenfield-village/

cotswold cottage greenfield village
Cotswold Cottage at Greenfield Village (I love chickadee’s peeping out from the square holes above me)


cotswold cottage gardens
Cotswold Cottage Gardens, soon this will be filled with flowers!


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