Capture a memory…

I have a keen interest in photography.  The every popular phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” is so very true.  And those words could be different depending on who is viewing the photograph and even when they are viewing a photograph.  I find it so fascinating that a photograph can capture a single moment in time, it can freeze a memory and evoke a long ago experience and recall emotions.

Another well-known phrase is, “Pictures do not do it justice!”  There have been many times, in the middle of an experience that is just awe-inspiring, that I thought to myself, “I’ve got to capture this on film.” Only to discover later that what I saw in those moments are not what has been captured in the photo.  In most cases it is due, in large part, by my limitations in the skill of photography itself.  With cameras in the hands of professionals I’ve seen photographs that have captured the majestic beauty of a landscape that leaves me in awe, the amazing details of animals that make me marvel, a tender moment between two people that stirs me to smile or the raw reality of suffering that brings tears.

Another reason I think photographs can miss capturing the moment as I truly remember them is because there is so much more going on in that moment than just what I see.  It can be hard to capture the full ambiance of the moment…..what did the other four senses encounter during the experience? What sort of sound, taste, touch and smell accompanied that single captured moment in time?

Since this trip could be a once in a lifetime opportunity I want to do what I can to capture the memories… photographs & in word via journaling.  I am also conscious that if I’m too busy trying to capture the moment I’ll actually miss being there!  Hopefully I can find a happy balance of embracing the moment and capturing a memory!

Carpe Diem!

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