Camera practice…

Hanging BasketSummer is presenting itself here in Michigan!  The flowers in my yard are finally starting to bloom and fill out a bit.  During my daily walks I’ve noticed that flowers in my neighbors yards seem to be a week or two ahead of my own.  For instance, when the tulips are blooming in most yards, mine are just starting to form buds….I’m not sure why this is…perhaps I planted them deeper than was necessary?

In any case I was enjoying the vibrant colors when I decided I should break out the DSLR camera & brush up on the features of the camera and practice taking photos.  I would love to take a class and truly learn what the settings do and when to use them….for the most part I just choose a preset, point, shoot & hope for the best!  I tried to read the manual once but after a few minutes the words just became a jumbled mess in my mind. Maybe I’ll try watching some YouTube videos for some pointers.

Here are some photos I’ve taken recently in my yard.  I did take off the auto-focus and used the manual focus.

Manual Focus Close Up
Close-up, manual focus


Pink Group flower focus
Pink Flowers: Group focus

Pink Single flower focusPink Flowers: Single Flower Focus


Background focus
Background in focus, Foreground blurred
Cherry with filter
Cherries–post production filter effect



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