Capturing the park…

Today is a beautiful day, sunny & breezy with temps in the upper 60’s!  I began my morning walking my dogs along one of the usual routes….when I quickly became discontent with the same old scenery….I needed a change and thought my pups would enjoy one too.  We headed back to the house, I grabbed my pack & camera then loaded my furry companions into the car for the 15 minute drive to Heritage Park.

There were lots of people out enjoying the park today; which surprised me, being a Wednesday morning I thought more would be working….I guess not everyone works the 9:00-5:00 shift!  I started off using the walking path that loops about 1.25 miles around the parks ball fields.  After once around that loop I crossed over to the  park village; this is where the Taylor Historical Society has placed original and replica buildings of interest to the area.  The walking path meanders around a very large pond, has a covered wooden bridge and kids can even participate in catch & release fishing.

So glad I decided to make the drive & get my 3 miles of walking in over here; a nice change of pace.  All of today’s photos were done using my camera’s pre-sets, and trying to hold onto 2 dogs while taking a photograph I was lucky anything came out! LOL

These first 3 photos I tried to think about composition….using multiple objects in view to frame the focal point and just make the photo a bit more interesting while also trying to keep things balanced.  I tend to like things very symmetrical but so often the photos I find more interesting are not symmetrical at all….it’s a hard habit for me to break.


The next 4 photos are focused on a specific subject… was really hard to capture the swallows that were darting all around.  I used the fast action pre-set but I am not sure if I am supposed to try to follow the birds as they fly or just continuously shoot in one area while they fly by…..another thing I need to look up on YouTube.



One thought on “Capturing the park…

  1. Love the second picture, it looks like the tree on the right is bending to allow the sprinkler in the lake to flow uninhibited!!


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