Restless mind….

It’s after midnight and I cannot sleep….I find my mind consumed with thoughts of my trip to Ireland and all the things that still need to be done, my nasty habit of procrastination and a sense that time is slipping by way to fast.  A wave of anxiety begins to roll over me–or is it just the effects of the caffeine from the coffee I drank 8:00pm?? (I know better….yet I still do it!)

I’ve learned that it’s best to get out of bed and find a way to empty my mind of the thoughts bouncing around in my head than to lay there, tossing & turning and looking at the clock every 5 minutes.  So here I am–really just venting, hoping to put my travel fears into logical perspective so that I may get that sleepy feeling!

What am I freaking out about? I haven’t booked my excursions….I know what I want to do & I have a resource through which to book them, I just need to bite the bullet and commit to them.

I need to find someone to take care of my cat.  My sister, God bless her, is taking both of my pups for the entire trip!  I have no worries about their care, my cat is another issue entirely.  I don’t want to move him from the home, he’s old and a change in environment for that length of time would really freak him out–not to mention that such a stress can wreak havoc on his health.  I have one professional pet sitting service in mind, I just need to reach out and investigate it a bit further.

Getting in better shape!  I’m pretty happy with the amount of walking I’m doing and have been working up to longer distances.  My diet has been less than spectacular, I just need to cut out the excuses and eat the way I want to eat.

I need to decide what I’m bringing for the trip….what I need versus what I want, and  then see what is going to actually fit into my pack.  What type & how many clothes, what type of outer wear, what type of shoes, how much make-up & toiletries, electronics etc.

Well….now that I’ve actually listed some of my concerns I feel much better, it doesn’t seem to insurmountable….and wait did I just yawn?  YES!! And I feel another yawn coming on….that familiar sleepy feeling is now creeping in and I think I’ll be able to drift off to sleep!

Until next time….Zzzzzzzzzz

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