And the results are in………


On my second post of this blog I wrote about investigating our ancestry through DNA testing.

Michael DNA
My husband’s DNA

My husband’s mother’s surname was McCarthy while is father’s surname is Wallace.  We thought it would be fun & interesting to see what percentages his genetic DNA showed.  When my father-in-law heard we were going to test our DNA he decided to have his done as well.  Here are the results…..


My husbands came back pretty much as expected….heavy with Irish DNA and the another bulk coming from a smattering of other European countries.  Nothing too surprising.


His father’s DNA results was primarily British and a quarter

Jack DNA
Father-in-law’s DNA

Irish. Interestingly the other quarter came from many different areas, including 2% of his DNA hailing from the Caucasus region which includes the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.


My genetic DNA held some surprises!  I was expecting to have a large percentage of German ancestry….with surnames in my family history of Ulrich, Statzer, & Hochstadt. So I was shocked to see that 55% of my DNA hails from Great Britain!  Only 10% of my DNA is from West Europe which encompasses Germany & France.  Another surprise is that another 10% of my DNA is from Spain & Portugal.  The rest is made up of Eastern European and Scandinavian countries.

Tricia DNA



This was a fun and interesting experience, we truly are just a melting pot!

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