One of the things I’ve enjoyed since starting to blog is using the “reader” feature within WordPress to find other interesting blogs. One of the first blogs I began to follow was about gardening and this blogger has a feature called, “IAVOM” (In A Vase On Monday). Every Monday she cuts flowers from her garden and features them in a vase, usually with some other complimentary objects or backgrounds. All of her photos are accompanied by the name of the flower and any interesting/helpful information. I love her blog and began to copy her idea; cutting what few flowers I can manage to grow and putting them in my own vases. I have come to love having cut flowers in a vase in my home to enjoy throughout the week! I’ve only shared my flower photos on facebook for family and friends; and even my husband has begun looking forward to the Monday flowers; however he suggested to call it F.O.A.M. (Flowers On A Monday) because he couldn’t remember the other acronym. (LOL)

Todays IAVOM was tulips, which is what I cut today for my vase! This inspired me to share my F.O.A.M. on my blog for the first time ever! I hope it brings a smile. If you love gardening & flowers or just want to see how a real pro displays her flowers check out Cathy’s blog at Rambling in the Garden

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