First blog post

airplaneIt’s official!!

We finally secured our airline tickets for our trip to Ireland!!  We have been discussing going on this trip since last summer, started to mention it to family and friends this past autumn but that is all it really was….talk.  Now that we have done some concrete action and actually have dates and airline reservations it seems real!

I’ve had a mental timeline going on in my head of what needs to get done when; securing the airline tickets was #1 on the list.  However, before I could do that I needed to know how many days we would be gone, which depended upon what areas of Ireland we wanted to visit based upon what sites we wanted to see.  So that necessitated getting an idea of what we really wanted to see and how many days it would take do it all; then and only then could we set specific dates.

From the beginning I was thinking 2 weeks; Michael was thinking 10 days…he didn’t want to stretch out the visit for any unwarranted amount of time, which is sensible.  Two weeks can be a very long time to be away from home…especially when you have someone else watching your critters! (Tracey, you are my HERO! xoxo)  After researching all of the places to see & things to do (I’ll describe that process in another post) I had it narrowed down to about 12 days, but after researching a bit on Belfast I decided we needed to spend more time there than just a day trip, as was my original plan. So it turns out that 14 days is the magic number; we may never get another chance to visit Ireland so we must make the most of it.



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