5 Beautiful Things…

I love the smell of Honeysuckle, you can smell it’s sweet fragrance blocks away!
These cone shaped flower heads of this Hydrangea look striking against the deep blue sky.
Nothing looks more welcoming than a border of bright happy flowers!
So whimsical!
Tropical Hibiscus flowers can get very big; I’ve seen some as big as dinner plates!

4 thoughts on “5 Beautiful Things…

    1. Hi, the current theme I’m using is called “Publication”, it’s one of the free templates WordPress offers. I’ve been thinking of changing to a different theme, maybe one with tabs that I could sort my posts into such as a tab for “5 Beautiful Things”, a tab for “Travel”, a tab for “Faith”…etc. I’m not very savvy about such things though so I’ve been hesitant to switch for fear I’ll lose my older posts. Thanks for the kind words! 🙂


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