5 Beautiful Things…

When rainy weather prevents you from seeking out beautiful things, if your patient, beautiful things come to you! The following were all taken while sitting on my covered porch listening to the rain.

These photographs were taken using my Nikon D3200. If I knew how to really use all the settings on this camera my photos would be so much better; as it is I only use the pre-sets. Maybe one day I will take a photography class and really see the world thru a new lens! (That was a groaner I know!)

My first visitor was a female Ruby -Throated Hummingbird.
This is the same little lady as above, I couldn’t decide which shot I liked better so I used them both!
Next to arrive was this female Mallard; she had quite a lot to say!
My 3rd visitor was the male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird; so excited that I caught him flashing his red neck band!
Next in line to make an appearance was an immature male Mallard; his head was just beginning to turn to the hallmark emerald green.
The last visitors are my favorite water fowl…Common Loon! They are often heard but rarely seen; I was so excited to see them!
My zoom lens isn’t the most powerful and the images are bit grainy but I’m in love with them!

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