Signals of change….

Life is always moving, changing….sometimes it is startling and slaps you in the face, but most of the time it is subtle; like a whisper, often times in the midst of our busyness, it goes undetected.

This what I enjoy so much about the change of seasons here in Michigan; which I think I would miss if I lived in a constant climate.  This weekend we are up at our place on Secord Lake and the hallmarks of autumn are all around.

The weekend crowds are gone, the swimming is over for the year and the lake has been claimed by the various migrating birds with the occasional fishing boat & kayaker.  The leaves on the trees are just beginning to show their farewell colors, the nights are cold and the days are warm.

We are busy with our season changing rituals of pulling the boat out of the water, taking out the dock and putting patio furniture into the garage.  All of this makes me happy and eludes to the slower pace of winter ahead.  Anticipating the cozy comforting rituals of winter yet ahead; savory soups, chili’s & stews, watching a snow storm snuggled in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, the gathering of family for the holidays.

Amidst all of our autumn chores we were intentional to get out and enjoy the beauty of this season.  We found some nature trails nearby, packed a lunch and went to explore a new area.  The trail was wonderful, I love the earthy smell this time of year…the decaying leaves, the cool earth, and the pine! I wish I could bottle that smell and open it in mid-February!  To finish off a glorious weekend we took a kayak paddle on our lake to visit a cove that we call “The Beaver Pond”.  I can’t think of a better way to boost your mood than to be outside enjoying God’s creation!

Moss covered trail with a glimpse of Marl Lake.
Hitting trails near Lower Higgins Lake State Park.
Our view of Marl Lake and a lone fisherman while having our picnic lunch.
Last pontoon ride of the season.



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