Hitting the ground running…

Well what a day we’ve had so far!  Who knew we could do so much on so little sleep!  Neither of slept on the flight over and when we arrived at our hotel it way too early to check into our room so we dropped our bags off to their secure room and headed out to explore the city on foot.

Our 1st stop was for, what else, food!  Just a short walk from our hotel and we found this super cute café, the Peacock Green & Co.  We split a delicious chicken pesto sandwich, a slice of Guinness chocolate cake and coffee. We sat on the 2nd floor that was decorated really nostalgically.

We walked and saw many of the famous sites around town.  Dublin is very much a walkable town but they have a hop on/hop off double-decker bus that we bought a 48 hour pass for, we’ll be doing that later.

After a few hours of walking around and picture-taking we headed back toward our hotel to check in and take a well deserved nap before we head out for part 2 of our day.



I fell in love with Christ Church Cathedral!  They were just getting ready to have a tour of the cathedral, Mike was too weary to participate and opted to wait for me in the courtyard.  I will make another blog post on Christ Church Cathedral in order to cover it all better.

So far day 1 has been amazing!!

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