Ready, Set, Go!!!!!

It’s 4:00am the morning of our flight.  My mind is just a whirlwind of thoughts so I decided it better to get up than lay there just waiting.  It’s like the moment at the top of the very first hill on a roller coaster, where there is a pause, for just a few seconds, before the great adrenaline inducing plunge!

I’ve made all the preparations that I can think of and I hope that I have not forgotten anything and now there is nothing more to do but wait for it all to begin.  In this moment, here in the quiet darkness I think of a name that my Pastor taught on a few weeks ago, Yahweh Jireh which means the LORD provides, and I am filled with gratefulness for He has provided for so much.

I am grateful for the ability to go on such a trip as this, for the means to be able to afford it and all that has gone into planning it!

I am grateful for my family and their generosity.  For my sister who is watching my precious pups and treating them like her own.  For my brother-in-law, seeing my need for a new camera battery/charger at such short notice thought nothing of overnighting his own to me all they way from NY.  For my other brother-in-law who will be house & cat sitting for us.

I am grateful for my church family and friends, many who will be praying over us while we’re away. And all those who are excited for us and our trip.

I am grateful for my husband and our 30 years of marriage and the whole reason for this trip! Our journey together thus far has been a grand adventure!

Yes, Yahweh Jireh, I give you praise and thanksgiving and ask for Your continued provision on this trip.

In a few more hours I will be hurling down the other side of the hill….ready, set, GO!




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