A Change of Scenery…

Another challenge I have is keeping my mom engaged in ways that stimulate her thinking.  The neurologist encourages activities that vary and challenge her thinking in different ways…and not to not rely on television.  Just yesterday my mom stated that one of the things she hates about being old is that the days get long because of a lack of things to do; that she doesn’t want to just sit and watch television for the rest of her life.

Mobility issues makes some activities challenging or even not possible.  She is not physically able to even walk to the corner of her street or stroll in a park looking at flowers and landscapes.  She refuses to use a walker or wheelchair in public, so this greatly reduces the scope of her environment.

Today was a good day…we leisurely had coffee on the deck, had breakfast of pancakes, after getting cleaned up and dressed she read the paper then/ worked the crossword puzzle with some help from me and I was able to get a nice chunk of homework completed.  We had a snack of strawberries & bananas then I suggested she work on the jigsaw puzzle while I did some more homework. 

Then we took a scenic 20 minute drive to the Stroh’s Ice Cream Parlor, enjoying it while parked at the boardwalk gazing at the glittering Detroit River. 

I will treasure this day!

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