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On this post I wanted to share about some of my favorite spots in Marquette.  We tried a new hotel that was built just last year, 2017, called My Place Hotel.  I was unfamiliar with this hotel but read many reviews from other travelers so I was prepared for the “lack” of amenities such as no free breakfast, room service every 4th day, and the absence of cooking utensils.  I use the word “lack” in quotes because, since I was prepared, I didn’t feel that these omissions detracted from my stay in any way.  What I really appreciated about this hotel is the full size refrigerator & freezer and the 2 burner stove top!  There was also a microwave, toaster, 12 cup coffee maker and many cupboards for storage.  This really helped keep our trip costs lower by not having to eat out and we could control what we ate and how it was prepared…a great option to have for vegetarians, vegans and those with food allergies.  We brought all of our food with us but there are many places to buy fresh food if you wanted to do a quick grocery run.

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The room and the whole hotel was very clean, the staff very friendly and courteous.  We arrived an hour and a half prior to scheduled check-in but they accommodated us straight away.  As a dog lover and one who travels a lot with my pups I was excited to find that My Place Hotel is dog friendly!!  We saw a few dogs this weekend, and heard a dog barking on our floor one afternoon as we were leaving, but the every evening our floor was very quiet.  I will definitely stay here again and will recommend it to friends and family.

Even though we utilized our kitchenette at the hotel we did patronize some local businesses.  It’s funny what you begin craving after five hours out in the snowy cold….for me it was a plate of hot, salty French fries!  Downtown Marquette was really busy with spectators of the UP200 sled dog races and even though there was a steady flow of customers coming in and out of Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill we did not have to wait for a table and the service was friendly and quick. Aubrees I opted for the personal sized Margherita pizza, tomato bisque soup & French fries while my bestie ordered a Reuben Sandwich with sweet potato fries.  The food was delicious!

Another not to be missed shop in Marquette is Donckers chocolate shop!  This century old chocolate shop makes all their goodies on site; they have an ice cream & soda counter and a café upstairs. donckers 1 The décor harkens back to the chocolate shops of old with long glass display counters enticingly displaying every type of confections imaginable, a copper-colored ceiling, exposed duct work and a delightful wooden floor that may be original to the building. I opted for a 1/4 pound of dark chocolate covered raisins, a milk chocolate toffee square & a very large dark chocolate peanut butter cup! I would have posted a photo but they’ve found a new home in my belly!

Even though I had some winter boots they were not nearly warm enough for the frigid U.P. winter weather….especially if all you’re doing is standing in one place for long periods of time.  I had wanted to purchase a new set of winter boots before I left for this trip but life sort of got in the way and it was put on the back burner for too long.  As we passed by another merchant I was immediately drawn to a line of very warm & snuggly looking boots displayed in the store front window of the Washington Shoe Store.  There was a sale going on so I decided to take a chance.  I was met by the clerk (owner? unfortunately I did not get his name) who was so pleasant and very knowledgeable about all the merchandise in the store.  He listened to my needs and concerns, my likes and dislikes and brought me out half a dozen of boots to try on until I found the perfect cozy pair of boots…rated to -40 degrees below zero! DSC_0044Such personalized service that you just don’t seem to get from the big box stores these days and yet another example of the warm hospitality of Marquette!

The main strip of shops in downtown Marquette is located on Washington street.  If you follow this street down to the end and you will come to the shores of Lake Superior.  Washington Street  ends at Lakeshore Blvd, as you follow this street you come across a harbor and a park with a large playscape.  This is also the area of the finish line for the UP200 & the Midnight Run.

There is always fun to be had in charming Marquette, no matter what the season!  I look forward to returning soon!

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