True friendships are those that endure regardless of circumstance or the passage of time.  When reconnected, they pick up where they left off with ease.  This is the type of relationship I have with Jen, my friend from vet tech school.

Shortly after graduating from school we began attending the UP200 Sled Dog Races in Marquette Michigan.  Our first race was in 2007 and we made it an annual event.  We participated as Vet Check volunteers once year, got caught in a blizzard another year and braved -20 degree weather another year!  It is a fantastic tradition and we’ve made wonderful memories.  Life, as it usually does, takes on changes and we had to suspend our trips for a few years….our last being in 2013.

Fast forward past the last 5 years…..and we are now both able to revisit our trek to the great white north of Michigan!  We always break up the trip on the way up with an overnight at my place at Secord Lake.  We gabbed non-stop the entire 3 hour trip as if we’ve never lost those 5 years!  Tomorrow we will continue the 6 hour drive to Marquette; hopefully arriving early enough to still see some of the dog teams at the vet check station before making our way down to the starting line!


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